Summer Session: Special Small Group Meetings - OffSite Locations

  • 16 Jun 2017
  • 6:45 AM - 8:15 AM
  • Panera Bread - Three Different Locations


  • Small Group Meeting at Panera Bread at 100 Oaks, 2543 Powell Avenue
  • Small Group Meeting at Panera Bread in Cool Springs, 2000 Mallory Lane
  • Small Group Meeting at Panera Bread in Murfreesboro, 1970 Old Fort Parkway

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Pick your Small Group

Due to the Brentwood Baptist being unavailable for this date, this week's meeting will be held off-campus in small groups.  Enjoy a special CBLR Small Group Gathering, today.   Select the venue that is most convenient to you.  We will have groups meeting at:

  • Panera Bread in Cool Springs,
  • Panera Bread at 100 Oaks
  • Panera Bread in Murfreesboro

Summer Session 2017

It's Summer Time and the Living is Easy ... this is when CBL Roundtable tries out some different ideas and formats.  Please join us for our inaugural session of 2017.

 Topic: Facing Kings 

Nehemiah had to. You have to.

For this session, we will use our Roundtable format to dig into the scriptures for application within our work assignments and the marketplace.  Think of a time when you had to "stand before kings" as a part of your work.

We will have beverages and bagels for you.  Please RSVP so we can order enough for everyone.  Come to the tables and we will have cups for your coffee or soft drinks.  Join us as early as 6:45 and network with other Christian Executives.

All Friday morning sessions are open to all  - no fee is charged, offerings are accepted.


Panera Bread, Cool Springs, 2000 Mallory Lane (in the Kroger Shopping Center).  

Panera Bread, 100 Oaks, 2534 Powell Avenue (in front of Regal Cinema). 

Panera Bread,  Murfreesboro, 1970 Old Fort Parkway. 

Please RSVP on our CBL Roundtable website for the location of your choice so that we can have enough seats for everyone!



     CBL Roundtable - P.O. Box 1027 - Franklin, Tennessee 37065

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