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Take a look at these Christian Business People  who have shared their wisdom, knowledge and experience with us so that we will be better equipped to fulfill our calling to serve Christ in the Marketplace.  The faculty and facilitators listed here have learned how to turn the organizational chart upside down and truly serve "up" the chart.

Gabriel Aviles

Since 1994, Gabriel Aviles been launching and growing ideas, products, and nationally-known brands. As an executive, consultant and entrepreneur, Aviles has developed strategy, led marketing and sales teams, formed partnerships, produced written and video content, worked with creative teams, negotiated contracts, and created new business opportunities in a variety of fields.


Aviles has also had the opportunity to help others as a certified personal coach, author, speaker, workshop leader, panel facilitator, and radio show/podcast co-host.


He's currently serving as Sr. Director of Marketing, Spanish Publishing at HarperCollins Christian Publishing.


On a personal note, he's a Chilean who loves Jesus, his Belizean wife, and his three amazing "Ameri-Chilezean" kids. He's also an unofficial “Name That Tune” Champ.

 Date  Topic  Video
  4/08/2016  People PhD
   3/29/2019  Business Failures: Turning Trials into Gold
 12/20/2019  Marketing the Gospel

Bruce Loeffler

Bruce is president of Experience International. He had the privilege of working for Disney World for 10 years where he was asked to create a new position to improve service excellence for the Disney Cast. He trains companies across America on how to develop excellent customer service skills and improve their bottom line.

Bruce has written two books: "One Minute Service," which is being used by the State of Tennessee as their model for customer service and "The Experience: The Five Principles of Disney Excellence," the former #1 book on Customer Solutions. It will be translated into Japanese and Chinese shortly.

 Date  Topic  Video
  8/16/2013  Customer Service I - Introduction to One Minute Service
  8/23/2013  Customer Service II - God Wants You M.A.D.
 11/22/2013  Business Training from the Bible
  1/09/2015  Servant Leadership from a Biblical Perspective
  1/16/2015  The Experience: Five Principles of Disney Service and Relationship Excellence
  2/12/2016  From Whys to Wise in God's Eyes
  3/16/2018  God's Conduit
  3/08/2019  The Fruits of Service: Love
  3/15/2019  The Fruits of Service: Joy

Maurice Painter, CEO - The Next Level

Maurice Painter

Maurice Painter has been helping executives and their organizations to answer these questions for 50 years.  He recognized that the stretch of pursuit was the correct measure of success early in his career.  God has implemented the steps of His plan that gave Maurice experience in the four functions of any enterprise: sales & marketing, production & distribution, finance & administration, and planning & governance.  The challenges that stretched him include growing a $100,000,000 portfolio of investment securities, leading mergers and acquisitions, and returning four companies to profitability. 

Now, after obtaining a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, God is stretching Maurice again into an even greater task.  He continues to hear the words of John the Baptist from John 3.27 NLT: “No one can receive anything unless God gives it from heaven.”  What a stretch!

 Date  Topic  Video
 12/13/2013 Size + Complexity = Glitches
 12/20/2013  Business training from the Bible (Audio Presentation)
  5/09/2014  The Problems with Making Executive Decisions Part I (Audio Presentation)
 5/16/2014  The Problems with Making Executive Decisions Part II (Audio Presentation)
  2/13/2015 Aligning Your Mission and Vision for Power I
  4/24/2015 Aligning Your Mission and Vision for Power II
  5/01/2015 Aligning Your Mission and Vision for Power III
 12/04/2015 Five Responsibilities of a Leader: Part I  
  2/05/2016 Five Responsibilities of a Leader: Part II
  3/18/2016 Five Responsibilities of a Leader: Part III
  9/22/2017  The Kryptonite of Biblical Leaders
  3/23/2018  The Way You Do the Things You Do
  9/28/2018  "TBA"
  3/01/2019  A Spiritual Business Plan for Kenya

Tim Cummings

Tim describes his calling as an evangelist to business people.  His key question in business is "Why".  It is important to seek to know what God is determined to accomplish through us - it is a matter of purpose!

His business career had its beginnings with him sweeping floors and packing boxes in the family sign business at age of nine. Working in the family business was augmented by stints as a service station "pump jockey", florist delivery driver, door-to-door card salesman, and a variety of other entrepreneurial enterprises.  In the area of education, Tim attended Vanderbilt School of Engineering and the Owen Graduate School of Management, receiving a BS in Engineering and an MBA in four years while on an ROTC Scholarship.

Upon graduation, he received a regular army commission in the Engineer Branch and served seven years on active duty and an additional four years in the National Guard.  Assignments included duties with a Port Construction Company, as commander of an Army Diving Detachment and Battalion S-1 (Personnel Officer) and Company Commander of a Combat Engineer Company on the East German border.  

Over the past 50+ years, he has worked in all aspects of the sign industry including securing a patent in Neon processing.  Jobs within the industry included engineering and manufacturing assignments as well as R&D efforts.  During this period in the family business, Tim became a certified Quality Instructor under the Philip Crosby Quality Process.  When investors came into the family business, he decided to pursue other interests.

After leaving the sign business, Tim launched Cummings Enterprises, a business consulting service, and Dynamic Communications, a web-based communications business providing communications services for membership organizations.  The primary business product of DynaCom was an early instant of our modern CRM and template managed websites - developed through Tim's own custom programming, .  Branded versions of his system, The Buzz, were targeted for Churches (The Church Buzz), for Schools (The School Buzz), for Clubs (The Swim/Club Buzz), and for Political groups (The Political Buzz).  

In 2003 Tim was approached by the Institute for Independent Business for consideration as a mentor for small to medium businesses.  After successfully being vetted and attending their residential training course, he received credentials as a mentor and has been focused on assisting other businesses to be successful.  

Throughout Tim's engagement in the market place, he has been driven to apply his Christian faith and world view to his business endeavors, a focus he acquired from his own father's example.  As he thinks back over his business career, he can clearly see the hand of a loving God, guiding, directing, and equipping him for each new endeavor.  Among his current engagements, he serves as secretary for the Board of CBL Roundtable and coordinates a career group, Sabbatical Search, which approaches views the time between work assignments as a God-gifted sabbatical and approaches the job search from a Biblical perspective. 

Tim is an 8th generation Nashvillian and is married to Vickie Lee Cummings and together they have a large family of 12 children (including the spouses), 12 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. 

 Date  Topic  Video
 6/17/2011 Making Ministry Equal with Sales (Audio)
 3/02/2012  Developing a Spiritual Business Plan (Audio )
 2/01/2013  Being (Audio)
 8/09/2013  Are You a Bell Whether
 2/14/2014  Tool Review
 2/26/2016  Tool Review - Time for an Update
 4/01/2016  Get the Tools Out of the Box
 3/24/2017  What Jesus Wants Us to Learn from a Corrupt Manager
 8/04/2017 Courage to "See" God's Presence - Balaam
 8/25/2017  Courage to Take Action
 9/29/2017  Strategic Business Planning  
 1/05/2018  You Are the Leaders
 2/02/2018  HR Strategies from the Business Guide
 9/14/2018  The Role of Work in Our Sanctification
 2/01/2019  Spiritual Business Plan, Part I
 2/08/2019   Spiritual Business Plan, Part II
 1/10/2020  Your Place in the Pasture

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