It's Summer Time and the Living is Easy... this is when CBL Roundtable tries out some different ideas and formats.  Please join us for our 2018 sessions.

Focus:  Working in small groups committed to each other, we will work through a number of issues, following the direction from Leon Drennan's book, Good King, Bad King-Which One Are You?: The 5 Essentials for Organizational and Personal Growth. 

08/10/18. Summer Camp Week 10.
Here are more 'report outs' from our Summer Camp
attendees. We're in our final few weeks of Camp,
so if you haven't had a chance to visit - join us Friday!

08/03/18. Summer Camp Week 9.
Sorry, there is no audio on this week's 'report outs.'
Apparently the battery gave out, and I didn't know it.
Sorry to all whose voices should have been heard!

07/27/18. Summer Camp Week 8.
Here's even more 'report outs' from our CBL
Roundtable Summer Camp. It may be hot
outside, but the cool kids are all in camp!

07/20/18. Summer Camp Week 7.
Here's a fresh batch of 'report outs' from our
CBL Roundtable Summer Camp. Please come
join us and see what we're all about.

07/13/18. Summer Camp Week 6.
Listen to the 'report outs' from our Summer Camp
teams. Week 6 was a blast & very informative.
All are welcome to join us any week - every week!

07/6/18. Summer Camp Week 5.
Listen to the 'report outs' from our Summer Camp
teams. More fun, great group of people.
Come join us - it's free and it's fun!

06/22/18. Summer Camp Week 3.
Listen to the 'report outs' from our Summer Camp
teams. Find out what people are learning.
We're having fun! Won't you come join us?

06/29/18. Summer Camp Week 4.
More 'report outs' from our Summer Camp teams.
Good times are afloat at CBL Roundtable.
We'd love to see you here. All are invited!


Advancing the Kingdom of God by equipping and encouraging Christian business leaders to operate their businesses on Biblical principles.

Get the Training You Need to THRIVE - Not Just Survive.

We help you discover what God has to say about running a business. ANY business, in ANY industry.

God does have a better plan!


A few weeks ago we received a presentation entitled "Culture Killers" with Joshua MacLeod.  Below is his last CBL presentation, "Knowing Your Business Season" from 05/12/17.  Here, he discusses: What stage are you at in your business? Are you focusing on the right thing during this season? Perhaps a shift in focus will help you stop producing weeds and dandelions and bring more health to your organization!

We recently also received a presentation from Blain Wease.  Below, you can listen to his prior presentation, from Nov. 9, 2012 presentation.  (Sorry - we only have audio on this one; no video.)

To view both Joshua MacLeod's and Blaine Wease's CURRENT presentations, consider joining CBL Roundtable as a partner.  ALL  of our videos are available online to partner members & above.


We cover ALL aspects of business management. CBL Roundtable trains you how to do business in accordance with Biblical principles. That's ALL we do.
We're not a networking group, although you might make some valuable connections here.  We're more of a personal training and support group, where anyone in today's business world from the new college graduate to the veteran business professional can gain new insights - each and every week. NO TWO MEETINGS ARE EVER ALIKE! 

Each week, a keynote speaker presents training in one of the 8 key business sectors shown in this graph. Our goal is to cover the full counsel of God and speak to the issues each and ever one of us faces every day - across all areas of business.

We meet at 6:45 AM Fridays and end by 8:15 AM -- so our members can get the training, encouragement and spiritual nourishment they need - and not interrupt their business work day. Join us every Friday morning at Brentwood Baptist Church, 7777 Concord Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027. (Check the calendar first - some weeks are off-campus events.) We welcome guests and they can attend for no charge. We provide coffee, juice and a continental breakfast. (Donations are greatly appreciated.)

So join us!  We welcome everyone regardless of occupation, income, age, gender, race, creed or color.  We are Christians first and foremost, and everyone is invited to be a part of our organization.  To make sure we make good use of your time, we follow the time allocation chart shown at right. Plan now to make CBL Roundtable Friday meetings an anchor point of your weekly events.


Introducing the new book by our founder, Joe Greene.  Members can view Joe's 9/15/17 presentation to CBL Roundtable on the "Partners" / "Videos" tab at top. To buy a copy of Joe's book for yourself, please CLICK HERE.



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