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Videos from our most recent presentations:

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Our Mission StatementAdvancing the Kingdom of God by equipping and encouraging Christian business leaders to operate their businesses on Biblical principles.

Verse of the Day

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Training Sectors

We cover ALL aspects of business management.

CBL Roundtable trains you how to do business in accordance with Biblical principles. That's ALL we do. We're not a networking group, although you might make some valuable connections here.  We're more of a personal training and support group, where anyone in today's business world from the new college graduate to the veteran business professional can gain new insights - each and every week.  


Each week, a keynote speaker presents training in one of the 8 key business sectors shown in this graph. Our goal is to cover the full counsel of God and speak to the issues each and ever one of us faces every day - across all areas of business.




Providing our Champions with a Stage to Reach their Spheres of Influence

Participation - Calendar of Events
Participate with CBL Roundtable.  See our schedule of up-coming events and plan your attendance with us.

Engage our ministry platform to enhance your workplace presence while sharpening your business skills

Commit to be an integral part of growing and enhancing this ministry to Marketplace Christians by Joining us.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Sample a Recent Training

Three Critical Market Observations - Presented by Tad Trantum


We Need Volunteers

It takes a lot of partners to keep our organization operating smoothly.  We also like to practice turning the Org Chart upside down and serving upward.  If you wish to engage with CBL Roundtable, how about helping us to fill these volunteer positions.

  • Meeting Master of Ceremonies
  • Food Preparation
  • Barista (Coffee Making)
  • Summer Camp Table Host

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