Lessons from Japan & the USA in the Pacific War – Pride & Humility with Martin Bennett

  • 21 Nov 2014
  • 6:45 AM - 8:15 AM (CST)
  • Brentwood Baptist Church, Wilson Hall 7777 Concord Rd, Brentwood TN 37027


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Teacher/Speaker:   Martin Bennett

Topic:  Lessons from Japan & the USA in the Pacific War – Pride & Humility

Martin Bennett, Author and Screen WriterI spent several years writing my first screenplay on the life of a man who could have or should have died over twenty-five times, was a slave-trader and became a slave himself, and, ultimately wrote the most recorded song in history, “Amazing Grace.” I’m fully committed to the fulfillment of this epic screenplay under the working title, Out of the Depths.

Next, I spent several years researching and writing the screenplay for Wounded Tiger. I received a significant offer from a studio but declined it as I didn’t trust them to protect the integrity of the story, so I was left to raise funds independently. In the meantime, I decided to novelize the screenplay and chose the format of a nonfiction novel as nothing else seemed to fit. The book was released in the spring of 2014 to very positive reviews and is endorsed by Ravi Zacharias among others. Film funding and the film are in serous development.

I have five wonderful kids. I’ve made millions and lived in poverty (in that order), but I’ve never lost my joy of life or my life in God. I believe that there’s a purpose and plan for each of us, and when you find it - run!

My current home is Columbia, Tennessee.

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