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Our Next Presentation: Simple Obedience Brings Big Results - with Bill Rawnsley

2016 Business Expo Announced

Advancing the Kingdom of God by equipping and encouraging Christian business leaders to operate their businesses on Biblical principles.

Our Identity at Work

CBLR Fellow Dick Wells shares how he would like to be identified in the workplace as a Christian.

Upcoming events

28 Oct 2016 6:45 AM (CDT) • Brentwood Baptist Church, Wilson Hall 7777 Concord Rd, Brentwood TN 37027
04 Nov 2016 6:45 AM (CDT) • Brentwood Baptist Church, Wilson Hall 7777 Concord Rd, Brentwood TN 37027
11 Nov 2016 6:45 AM (CST) • On the Campus of Brentwood Baptist Church, Wilson Hall, 7777 Concord Road, Brentwood TN 37027

CBLR Second Annual Business Expo has been scheduled for November 11th and December 9th.  Come hear up to 20 of our Partners (10 each week) share about their businesses and how they are successfully implementing Biblical principles into their daily work.  After the presentations each week, walk among the Table Top displays and learn more about these businesses ... and how they can help you!

Want to participate as a presenter?

  • You must be a supporter of CBL Roundtable as an associate, partner, or sponsor. (Note:  If you have a red stripe on your name badge, you meet this requirement.)
  • You must agree to attend both Expo sessions on November 11 and December 9.  
  • You must have attended at least 6 meetings over the past 3 months and register for and attend at least 3 CBL meetings beginning September 23, 2016 through November 4, 2016.
  • Indicate your interest by registering as a Presenter for the November 11th event (Click [HERE] to register now).  
  • Start practicing your four-minute pitch.  
  • Presenters must have a formal presentation (no off-the-cuff talks).  
Not planning on presenting?  Go ahead and register and attend both days ([November 11] [December 9]) and visit every Tabletop Display to qualify for a drawing for a special prize.

Click [HERE] to meet some of our Members through their business presentations at our Business Expo. 

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Book Corner

Dick Wells, CEO of Hard Lessons, announces the release of his book 16 Stones. Watch this trailer to find out more.

You can purchase this great lesson in the Leadership of Nehemiah at

Good King Bad King - Which One Are You?

Leon Drennan's new book is now available as well. Good King Bad King Which One Are You has been released and is available to you, today. If you know Leon, it will not surprise you that his book is more of a work book, suitable for highlighting, marking, and using to make your workplace better! You can purchase you copy at


Steinway Gallery of Nashville Help Metro Students Make Better Grades!Learn about Steinway Gallery

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