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Summer Session, Week 8 - Wages and Wisdom ... A Panel Discussion led by Dick Wells

Summer Session 2016 ... What Would You Do?

On Friday, July 22nd, Bob (Vanna White)Williams  hosted the premier edition of What Would You Do? The Game Show to a room full of adoring fans!  Participants were presented with four different workplace scenarios and then posed the question, "What would you do?"  The trick was that each roundtable's response had to include Biblical references for their course of action.  See a couple of the "best of" responses below.

Our next Summer Session will take be part two of our interview with Maurice Painter where we find out What God Taught Him at the Circus.

Game Show Highlight 1

It’s 4:55 on Friday afternoon going into a three day weekend.  The phone rings and without thinking you answer.  The caller is an existing customer who needs help.  After listening to their dilemma, you know the issue can wait until Tuesday.  You also know you can resolve the problem right now but it will take about an hour of your long weekend.

What would you do?

Game Show Highlight 2 Coming Soon!

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Stanley Tam - Legally Giving My Business To God (10:21)

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Dick Wells, CEO of Hard Lessons, announces the release of his book 16 Stones. Watch this trailer to find out more.

You can purchase this great lesson in the Leadership of Nehemiah at

Good King Bad King - Which One Are You?

Leon Drennan's new book is now available as well. Good King Bad King Which One Are You has been released and is available to you, today. If you know Leon, it will not surprise you that his book is more of a work book, suitable for highlighting, marking, and using to make your workplace better! You can purchase you copy at


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