Jon-Roy Sloan

Jon-Roy SLoan, Communications Director - Nations University
CPT Jon-Roy Sloan enlisted into the TN Army National Guard in February 1993 at HHT 4th Squadron 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment where he served for six years as an ammunition and a fuel specialist in the III/V Platoon.

He graduated from state OCS Class 46 in 2003 and was commissioned as an Armor Officer. As an officer, he first served as a tank platoon leader with M Company 3/278th in Ashland City, TN. He carne to HHT 3/278th in 2004 and deployed with them in OIF III serving first as the mortar platoon leader and later as the Scout Platoon Leader. 

As a part of 2nd Squadron he has served as a tank platoon leader in G Troop, Liaison Officer, HHT Executive Officer, Fire Support Officer, and deployed with the squadron in OIF X as a Battle Captain. In 2011 he attended the Field Artillery Captain's Career Course and returned to 2nd Squadron as the Fire Support Officer. His various awards include the Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal and the Army Achievement Medal.

CPT Sloan is from Dickson, TN where he resides with his wife of 22 years Maria.  They havee three children, Anastasia, Remington and Sterling. He earned a bachelor's degree from Lipscomb University and a master's in history from the University of Memphis. He has worked in higher education for the past twelve years. Currently he is the Director of Communications for Nations University in Brentwood, TN and Director of Operations for Amreeka Development.

Special Note:  In May, 2014, Anastasia Sloan went home.  Jon-Roy, his wife, Maria and their family displayed for all of us that we do not grieve as the world grieves when those we love return to our Father.


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