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  • 03 Jul 2015
  • 1:01 PM (CDT)
  • 09 Jul 2015
  • 11:59 PM (CDT)
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Base fee:
  • Facilitator - Deborah Rankin
  • Facilitator - Bob Williams
  • Facilitator - John McKennon
  • Facilitator - John Mickner
  • Facilitator - Nathan Ruff
  • Facilitator - Kevin Dostaler
  • Facilitator - Tim Cummings
  • Facilitator - Bill Metcalfe
  • Facilitator - Gary Armstrong
  • Facilitator - Dean Brown
  • Facilitator - Dick Wells

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Register, Now for Summer Camp

Teacher/Speaker:  Your Small Group ... And You!

Remember your days of Summer Camp?  Bonding together with the small group of fellow campers for a period of several weeks?  You developed new skills, built friendships (perhaps some life-long ones) and had lots of fun!  Well, welcome back to summer camp! Over a period of 9 weeks, from July 10th to September 4th, you will spend time with a small group of fellow "campers", diving into God's Word to see what it has to say to YOU.  Just as at camp where TVs and radios and other distractions were missing, we will abandon what others are saying about the specific passages we will study, and allow your group to discuss and grapple with what God is saying to you, for today.  

Remember how your parents always remarked about how much you had changed by the end of summer camp?  This is an opportunity for us to be changed ... by the One who knows us best!  Summer camp always began with trepidation ... a fear of the unknown, but when it was over, we didn't want to leave!  After CBLR Summer Camp, you won't have to leave the truths that God will be revealing to you and the deeper relationships with a small group of fellow campers.  Sign up now, and mark your calendar to attend every week.

We have some great Camp Counselors (table facilitators) for this session of Summer Camp.  Let us know in who's Tribe you want to "camp" for the summer.  Tribes only hold 7 campers so make your choice quickly.

Camp Counselors include:

 Tribe  Facilitator  Tribe  Facilitator
 Reuben  Gary Armstrong  Simeon  Dean Brown
 Levi  Tim Cummings  Judah  Keith Dostaler
 Dan  John McKennon  Naphtali  Bill Metcalfe
 Gad  John Mickner  Asher  Deborah Rankin
 Issachar  Nathan Ruff  Zebulum  Dick Wells
 Benjamin  Bob Williams  Ephraim  Jon-Roy Sloan
 Manasseh  John Wang    

Register now for your place in your Tribe!  Attendance to Summer Camp is free ... but be sure to get your Summer Camp Golf Shirt!  The classic knit polo shirt with a pocket and our embroidered Camp logo can be ordered when you sign up for Summer Camp for only $20.00.  Select your size and we will have you looking good on Friday mornings!  

Topics we will be covering at Summer Camp:

July 10


July 17


July 24


July 31


August 7


August 14


August 21


August 28


September 4




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