Business Expo Part I

  • 19 Jun 2015
  • 6:45 AM - 8:15 AM (CDT)
  • On the Campus of Brentwood Baptist Church, Wilson Hall, 7777 Concord Road, Brentwood TN 37027


  • I wish to give a 4 minute presentation of my business. I understand that I am committing to attend both the June 19 and June 26 events to be a presenter. I understand that I must attend at least three of the five meetings between May 15th and June 19th. I understand that my presentation must be no longer than 4 minutes.

Registration is closed

THE OPPORTUNITY:  The board of CBL invites you to share YOUR business story during two upcoming business expos, scheduled during the regular CBL meeting times.

WHAT IS HAPPENING   This is your opportunity to tell members about your business, your God-given mission, and ask for leads, referrals, or advice. 

1.  You must be a Member of CBL Roundtable by joining as a member or partner (Note: if you have a permanent name tag when you attend, you meet this requirement).
2.  You must agree to attend both sessions on June 19 and  26. 
3.  Attend three of the five meetings between now and June 19th.
4.  Indicate your interest by registering as a Presenter
5.  Start practicing your four-minute pitch. (The board enforcers will limit you to that time so that everyone has a chance to hear and respond.)

When you register as a Presenter for the June 19th event, you will be registered as a Presenter for the June 26th event by our CBL Roundtable Staff.

Our Presenters will be able to host Table Top Displays to provide additional information.  Come be a part of our first Business Expo!

If you do not register as a Presenter, please RSVP as a Participant.



     CBL Roundtable - P.O. Box 1027 - Franklin, Tennessee 37065

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